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Boyne RampartsWalk

Updated: Sep 27

The Boyne River is synonymous with Irish myths and legends as well as history. This tranquil river walk is suitable for all ages. The Boyne Valley Ramparts walk is 6.3km point-to-point from Stackallen to Navan Co. Meath.

Starting the walk at Stackallen there is car parking near Broadboyne Bridge. Parking spaces can be limited so we recommend you arrive early. After you’ve hopped out of the car and crossed the bridge, go through the gate on your left and the walk begins. In 2km you will pass two historical buildings: Dunmoe Castle (pictured above) and Ardmulchan House (pictured below).

As you continue the walk there are multiple canal locks that are parallel to the path. There are a few signs along the walk that explains the history and wildlife in the area. Continuing further along the path you will see the canal's obsolete toll house.

The vast majority of the walk is on a gravel path with little to no incline. There are a few gates on the path that you must step through to cross which shouldn't be an issue unless you are pushing a buggy.

The Boyne Valley is thriving with wildlife and native plants. You can expect a variety of birds including swans, ducks, and cormorants throughout this area. If you’re lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of a kingfisher darting across.

The Boyne Ramparts walk is a fantastic way to spend a calm morning admiring the river and is suitable for all ages. This walk can be completed as a loop with a total distance of 12.6km, or as a point-to-point as described.

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After completing the walk to Navan, I’d recommend driving ~6 minutes to Slane where you can visit George's Patisserie for a lovely bite to eat.

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