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Hiking Guide to Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Updated: Sep 27

Look across Sprague Lake to the mountains which form the Continental Divide and you'll understand why this easy hike is a must-see stop. One of Rocky Mountain National Park's handicap-accessible trails is this peaceful 0.8-mile (1.4km) walk that's a great fishing spot and wildlife viewpoint!

Sprague Lake is named after Abner Sprague, the former founder of the homestead and dude ranch that was once here. This man-made lake is located in the southern part of the park off Bear Lake Road and is open year road.

You can reach this area by traveling 8.5 miles from Beaver Meadow Visitor Center, although timed entry passes into Rocky Mountain National Park are required for May-October. There is a park and ride as well in the summer due to its popularity.

In addition to being popular with people, this area is alive with the sounds of nature. In the summer months, you may even catch sight of a moose drinking from the lake. This is a popular fly fishing spot for brown trout as well! In the winter there are few people here, and the shrill call of stellar's jays can be heard all around you. In the winter it's very easy to accidentally get off the trail, so be careful to not walk onto the frozen lake! No matter the season, Sprague Lake offers spectacular mountain views.

The entire gravel trail is 0.8 miles around the lake. Depending on the season there may be large puddles, ice, or snow covering the path. Halfway through this trail is access to a handicap-accessible camping site. If you're looking for more handicap-accessible trails or information for Rocky Mountain National Park and others, visit The Disabled Traveler's Companion. If you're looking for a longer hike, there are several other trails that can be reached from here.

At the parking lot, there are bathrooms and picnic tables. Whether you're stopping for a picnic and bathroom break or in search of a trail that the whole family can do, Sprague Lake is the place.

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