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Sea Swimming Guide to Skerries, Co. Dublin

Updated: Sep 27

Ireland has recently been having outrageously good weather. I haven’t seen a single cloud in the sky over the past few weeks and temperatures have been similar to parts of Spain! If there was ever an opportunity to go for a swim in the Irish Sea it’s now! Whether it's the excitement of cooling down from the heat or just an excuse to go grab a coffee with a few mates this is the time to do it, and Skerries is the place.

Located north of Dublin City, Skerries is a picturesque seaside town with two incredible sea swimming spots: The Springers and The Captains. Both of these locations are just past the Skerries Martello Tower and have more than enough parking spots to go around.

Did you know it was in Skerries Harbour where Saint Patrick landed in Ireland to bring Christianity to the Irish People? Saint Patrick landed near the mouth of the Delvin river and started by converting the people in Skerries around 432AD!

Once you've parked, take a quick look at the tide to figure out which swim spot is ideal. If the tide is out, The Captains is recommended. If the tide is in The Springers is recommended, since the other will be totally submerged. Either way there will be somewhere for swimming! Both swim spots have little ledges built into them so you can store your change of clothes. Towel ponchos are a great option for drying off and to discreetly change out of your wet swim shorts. Once you’re changed, go down the steps and take a deep breath before getting in. The water is initially pretty cold, but after a minute your body will adjust. There’s usually a few other people here so don’t be afraid to have a chat. A lot of the people who swim here are locals and do it all year round, even in the winter!

When you're done with your swim I’d recommend heading down to “Goat in the Boat” . They have great coffees and pastries. If you go in the summer an ice cream is a perfect treat or if you after a winter swim the coffee is great for warming up your bones!

So if you're an avid sea swimmer looking for a new spot or someone wanting to try something new, I‘d recommend Skerries. It’s great swimming with your mates and who knows, maybe you’ll actually enjoy it!

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